Call of Duty: World War III is the sequel to Modern Warfare 2 and is the last game in the Modern Warfare series. The player takes control of Sgt. Daniel Johson and Lt. Fred Smith as their squads fight across the world during World War III.



Act IEdit

Gateway to Freedom - Retake Liberty Island from the Russians

Suspension - Safely cross the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan

Dodger Pride - Fight through the neighborhoods of Brooklyn to get to the Chrysler Building

Radio Tower - Destroy a radio tower at the top of the Chrysler Building

Act 2Edit

The Defector - Rescue Russian defector Yuri Voronin

Data Recovery - Reach a destroyed Boeing plane carrying information about the US counter-attack

Tank Assault - While driving a tank, race across the fields of southern Russia.

Not One Step Back - Infiltrate Stalingrad and destroy a weapons depot

On the Offensive - Attack Stalingrad

The Hangar - Destroy a Russian hangar containing the bombers that will destroy Stalingrad

Act 3Edit

Burn it to the Ground - Begin the assault on Moscow

It's a Trap! - Survive the Russian onslaught

Time for Heroes - Disrupt the meeting between the president and Voronin

Recognize the World - Destroy the missile silo

The Last Laugh - Get away from Voronin's men