Dodger Pride is the third level of Call of Duty: World War III. The player plays as Sgt. Daniel Johnson as his squad fights through the neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

"Dodger Pride"

Day 1, 9:30:07

Sgt. Daniel Johnson

US Rangers

Brooklyn, New York


Johnson is sitting in a Humvee while his convoy is rolling through the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. A bridge comes up ahead and begins to fire on the convoy. Johnson gets out of his Humvee before a missile hits it. As Johnson lays supressing on the bridge up ahead, he is handed a MILAN anti tank missile and is told to take out Russian tanks on the bridge. After taking out some, BMPs attack the convoy. Johnson continues to use the MILAN, but eventually the Rangers are overrun and forced to retreat into the nearby alleys. Russian troops follow.

Overlord reports that Russian troops are coming from in front and behind them. Cpt. Fielder orders them up a nearby ladder onto the rooftops. The squad then ambushes the Russians from the rooftops. The squad continues to run on the rooftops. Eventually, an enemy Sentry Gun pins them down, so Johnson clears out a Russian squad and hacks the Sentry Gun. Johnson then places the Sentry Gun on a nearby roof, which manages to stall the Russians. The squad continues.

A helicopter that will rescue them appears, but is destroyed by a Hind, which begins to shoot at the squad. They jump off the roof right before a missile hits. Johnson then uses the MILAN to take down the Hind. Overlord reports that it is tied up and the squad must make it to a nearby division to get help. Cpt. Fielder has an idea, and the squad goes forward. After taking out a Russian fortifaction and a tank, the squad clears out a garage full of Russian troops. Each of the squad members get on a motorcycle and drive toward the division.

Johnson flies by Russian troops, and uses a G18 to take out any enemies shooting at him. After taking out Russians on motorcycles, the squad flies toward Russian tanks under a bridge that blocks off the rest of the road. Johnson pulls out the MILAN, and, while carefully balancing on his motorcycle, fires the MILAN at one of the bridge supports, causing the bridge to collapse on the Russians. The squad drives around the wreckage and makes it to the division.