Gateway to Freedom is the first level of Call of Duty: World War III. The player controls Sgt. Daniel Johnson as his squad clears Liberty Island.

"Gateway to Freedom"

Day 1 - 8:46:15

Sgt. Daniel Johnson

US Rangers

Liberty Island


A US jet bombs the area in front of Johnson's squad, allowing them to go forward toward enemy lines. The Americans take up posistions behind a road block and fire at Russians up ahead. After clearing them out the squad goes through an alley on the left. They enter a small building, and Johnson uses his Stinger grenades to stun the enemies. After leaving the building, Overlord tells them a mechanized Russian unit is heading their way. The squad takes over a Russian ammunition dump, and Johnson uses two AT4s to take out the tanks. Overlord also tells them that a Russian posistion at an apartment building is pinning down an army attack. The squad clears two alleyways before coming to the building.

They enter the apartment building, and clear out the lobby. Johnson destroys the elevator shaft, killing an incoming Russian squad. They begin climbing the stairs, taking out Russians along the way. They come to the nest and clear it out. A Russian division comes down the road, so Johnson uses the weapons available at the nest to stop it. Eventually, the apartment is breached by Russian soldiers, so an American helicopter picks up the squad.

Johnson mans the machine gun, and fires at Russians on the ground. Overlord reports that American soldiers trying to take back the Statue of Liberty are under attack. Johnson uses the minigun to kill Russians around the statue. The helicopter then comes under attack by an enemy Hind. Using desperate manuevers, the helicopter avoids the Hind's missiles and Johnson destroys it. American soldiers then plant the American flag at the Statue of Liberty.

Starting LoadoutEdit

Avaible in LevelEdit

These weapons can be found with random attachments

AN94, AK-74, M4A1, P90, Barrett 50. cal, XM25, G18, M16A4, AT4



Scenes from Of their Own Accord, Second Sun, and Whiskey Hotel are shown.

MARSHALL: Washington DC has been retaken.

A map is shown.

MARSHALL: We have a new objective now.

Map focuses on New York City

MARSHALL: Defend New York City. Let's go.

Cutscene ends

PILOT: Dropping bombs now.

Large explosions appear

FIELDER: Team, move up now!