Radio Tower is the fourth level of Call of Duty: World War III. The player controls Sgt. Daniel Johnson as his squad goes to the top of the Chrysler building to destroy a Russian radio transmitter.

"Radio Tower"

Day 1, 9:45:58

Sgt. Daniel Johnson

US Rangers

Chrysler Building, New York


Johnson's squad comes to the doors of the Chyrsler Building. The doors are locked, so a breaching charge is used, and Johnson takes down enemies in the room. After taking down an unsuspecting Russian patrol, two soldiers bring in a Black Knight, an unmmaned ground vehicle similar to a tank. Johnson controls the Black Knight as it heads up the elevator. It comes to the second highest floor, and Johnson uses its gun to kill Russian troops in a bathroom. Hiding in the bathroom, Johnson uses the tank's camera to view Russian posistions in the next room. It goes through a vent, and kills two Russian soldiers tasked with patrolling the vent. The camera is used to view seperate rooms through each vent. A Russian claymore eventually destroys the vehicle, but the Rangers already have enough information.

The squad begins to climb the stairs, taking down several Russian patrols. A Hind flying around the building nearly spots them, but doesn't and moves on. After clearing two offices, the squad comes to the second highest floor and kills several Russians. The Hind from earlier spots the fighting and begins to fire its machine gun at the Rangers through the window. The Rangers continue to dodge the Hind through each room, but a rocket opens up a hole in the wall, giving the Hind a clear shot. Johnson hides behind several desks before making his way to an RPG near the hole. Cpt. Fielder throws a decoy grenade in a nearby room, confusing the Hind's map which now says they have gone into another room. Johnson uses this distraction to shoot down the Hind.

The squad comes to the final floor, and kills every Russians. When the Russians begin to shoot from the vents, Johnson shoots the supports, causing the vents to collapse. After clearing out the top floor, they go up a trapdoor, and Johnson shoots a Russian claymore. Coming to the roof, Johnson shoots the Russian defenders, then plants C4 on the tower. He detonates the C4, destroying the tower. Overlord then reports that all Russian radioes are offline.

Starting LoadoutEdit

Found in LevelEdit

AN94, AK74u, UMP45, MP5KSD, RPG, PP2000 (from Russians in last stand)