Suspension is the second level of Call of Duty: World War III. The player controls Sgt. Daniel Johnson as he and his squad cross the Brooklyn Bridge.


Day 1, 9:07:10

Sgt. Daniel Johnson

US Rangers

Brooklyn Bridge


Johnson and his squad exit the helicopter and begin to go on the Brooklyn Bridge, which is filled with Russian troops. A Russian fortifacation pins the squad down, so Johnson pops smoke. Under the cover of the smoke, they get past the machine guns and take down the Russians up close. Two BTR-80s come in, so Johnson uses a Grey Eagle drone to take them down. Johnson continues to use the Grey Eagle, softening up the fighting. However, one of the missiles take down a section of the bridge, so Overlord commands that the drone cannot be used any longer. A Hind comes in and destroys part of the bridge, and Johnson barely holds on. Johnson finds a Javelin and takes down the Hind.

Boats from below the bridge begin to fire on the Rangers, so Johnson uses an Explosive-tip Crossbow to blow up the fuel tanks on the ships, crippling many of them. On one of the ships a Hind is about the lift off, so Johnson takes it out with a Javelin. Heading up the bridge, Johnson and the squad take out two Russian posistions. Overlord says that the Russians are trying to take out the supports on the bottom. Johnson goes to the edge and pulls out a Bor sniper rifle and snipes the Russians.

The Rangers continue to advance, but another Russian Hind comes in. Johnson uses the Bor to snipe the pilot, causing the helicopter to crash into the East River. Transport helicopters bring in more Russian troops, so Johnson takes them down. The achievement "Hard Landing" can be gotten here if you take down three rappeling enemies before the reach the bridge. After taking down the enemies Overlord says three BMPs are coming in. Out of Javelin missiles, Johnson throws decoy grenades, confusing the BMPs' maps. Once they get close enough, Johnson planted C4 on each other the tanks, and destroys them. The Rangers then exit the bridge.

Starting LoadoutEdit

Available in LevelEdit

AK74u, M240, TAR-21, P90, SCAR-H, Javelin, Explosive-tip Crossbow, Bor